Composite Pipe Pile

Composite Pipe Pile

ArmorPileTM Marine Grade Sleeved Piles is a composite Pile consisting of High
Grade LSAW (Longitudinal Submerged Arc Weld) Steel Pipe and UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which has been developed for the Marine Industry and can be used for Mooring Piles, Dolphins, Wave Attenuator Piles etc.

ArmorPileTM provides a lifespan of 50-100 years. The benefits of this composite system are the sleeves will never suffer corrosion, are abrasion resistant, and will withstand the harshest UV environments. ArmorPileTM offers low maintenance costs with very limited marine growth on the UHMWPE surface.

ArmorPileTM Advantages

  • Cost Competitive value for money marine piling solution
  • Enviornmentally sustainable with minimal wall thickness and low transportation.
  • 100% Envioronmentally friendly. Does not leach, breakdown, or corrode.
  • 50 year lifetime – Resistant to Corrosion and UV Stabilized.
  • Impacts Resistant and low friction coefficient
  • No maintenance

  • Resistant to mechanical damage, including scratches, cracks and abrasions
  • Reduced installation and downtiume
  • Can be supplied in most RAL colours

ArmorPileTM Application

  • Marina dolphins and pontoon piles

  • Attenuator Piles

  • Wharf and Jetty Piles